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15 Kislev, 5773 (Nov. 29) Issue 7310

Help Moshe Feiglin establish authentic Jewish Leadership for Israel.
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Thank You

On this evening of great success, I turn to you, to all of my incredible and wonderful activists -

I feel that we arrived at this point tonight because of you.

Even more than I lead you, you pushed me to get here.

I want to thank you, and hug you. I love you and I’m proud of you.

We all understand that this is not the end. This is not our final objective. This is just the beginning, and if you thought that you can go home now, you are greatly mistaken!

From this point on, the work will even harder. I hope it won’t take as long as it has so far, but there is still a long way to go on the road until we reach the house of Hashem, Our G-d.

We just read in the parsha, “This is the place of Hashem and the stairway to heaven”.

And that is the objective: to bring the State of Israel to itself - to its Jewish roots!

And may Israel have worthy leadership - leadership that fulfills the will of our Father in heaven.

Thank you very much!

Moshe Feiglin

From Jerusalem - Not New York: By Moshe Feiglin

16 Kislev, 5773
Nov. 30, '12

Translated from the Makor Rishon newspaper

Israel has a simple option in response to the UN upgrade of a "nation" bereft of history that is intent on stealing our Land to non-member state status: Immediate withdrawal from the United Nations. If the UN would know in advance that Israel would respond by withdrawal, this preposterous idea would never have gotten off the ground.

The interaction between the United Nations and the State of the Jews has become the central axis of the UN's activity. Without Israel, the UN loses its raison d'etre. From our tiny little corner of the world, from our grasshopper view of all those giants, this seems patently absurd. But a check of the subjects of the majority of Security Council deliberations and decisions makes it impossible to ignore this logic-defying phenomenon: The entire world is obsessed with a tiny state that conducts itself more honorably, democratically and morally than most of the other UN members – and contributes to the world in a vast array of spheres, more than any other country.

The UN obsession with Israel is not based on Israel's ethics or actions. It is on an entirely different plane. This is how British intellectuals described their anger at Israel to the dean of the Sapir College, Dr. Ze'ev Tzachor: "We dreamed of a place in which the Book of Books would be written anew in anticipation of the redemption of the world. For you are a treasured nation. The world had great expectations, and look what you have done." (From a Makor Rishon interview written by Meir Uziel).

The world anticipates the declaration of liberty that will emerge from Zion. When this anticipation comes up empty-handed, it becomes disappointment and is translated into loss of legitimacy for the existence of a Jewish State on the face of the earth. The other side of the coin is traditional anti-Semitism of all sorts. All the anticipation and hopes from the universal humanistic message of Abraham on the one hand, and all the hatred for and opposition to that message on the other, are now directed at the State of Israel. Whether it likes it or not, Israel will always represent the Jewish message in the eyes of the world.

The incessant condemnations, the hypocrisy and the never-ending battles in the various UN committees express more than anything else the dichotomy of the world's deep need for Israel and its fear of its light. After all, the UN cares about Arab human rights as much as it cares about last year's snowflakes, as it has demonstrated with the ongoing catastrophe in Syria. When someone shouts at you, he clearly needs you. Without Israel, the UN loses its meaning and returns to the moral Stone Age, the pre-Abraham world.

But Israel is afraid of its own message. So it begs for recognition instead of understanding that if it would proudly bear its message to the world, the nations would vie to be recognized by the Jewish State . Post-Oslo Israel, which with its very own hands gave the keys of connection to the Promised Land to a non-nation, has no case against the world that recognizes this invented entity as a state.

The problem is not the UN. We are the problem. The solution is to immediately nullify the Oslo Accords; to prove our complete loyalty to all parts of the Land of Israel and first and foremost: to restore full and exclusive Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount. We must declare Israeli sovereignty over all parts of the Land of Israel that are in our hands, as stated in the Likud constitution. And then, we must withdraw from the United Nations. Switzerland managed just fine without being a member of the UN and we will also "survive" at least as well – and probably better – without it.

"And many nations will go and say, 'Let us go up to the mountain of G-d and to the house of the G-d of Jacob, and he will teach us his way and we will go on his paths.' For from Zion shall the Torah emanate and the word of G-d from Jerusalem." (Micha 4)

From Jerusalem – not from New York.

Letter: Moshe Feiglin will Transform Israel

There are so many worthy tzedakos that I hear from on a regular basis. And recently with Sandy here and the almost-war
in Israel, I received a much more than usual amount of requests. When I make the decision to allocate a portion of my maaseir money
to MY, this thought process invariably passes through my mind:

"Hey, c'mon, sending again to MY?
But that's not tzedaka -that's a political donation.
And besides, you're already sending them a small amount monthly.
Better to send it to one of the relief-type tzedakos."

And my answer is:
"Uh, there will be no greater relief for Israel -- and hence the entire world --
in ALL things, when a man like Moshe Feiglin takes his seat in the Knesset.
It will trigger a transformation of the State of Israel and the entire People
of Israel. There can be no tzedakah more vital than this."

(And then I send it)

As I write this, 3 psukim about tzedakah come to mind that are so very inter-related to the cause of MY.

Tzion b'mishpat tipadeh v'shaveha bitzdakah.

V'haya maaseh hatzdakah shalom.

Tzedek tzedek tirdoaf

With Continuing Admiration,

A Supporter

Moshe Feiglin Campaign Headquarters
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Our Aim: To perfect the world in the Kingdom of the Almighty

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